Christmas 2020

Christmas Eve
12 Noon ~ Litany for Advent & Pro-Anaphora (Ante-Communion) for the Vigil of the Nativity (No Communion)

1-3 PM ~ Confessions heard in church

6:30 PM ~ “Family Service” Mass (Lux Fulgebit, Titus iii. 4-7, Luke ii. 15-20) (NO SINGING)

10:30 PM ~ Carol Sing

11 PM ~ Midnight Mass: Traditional Proclamation of Christmas, Blessing of the Creche, Festive Holy Eucharist, Silent Night sung to Candlelight (Dominus dixit, Titus ii. 11-15, Luke ii. 1-14 “There was a decree from Caesar Augustus…”) 

Christmas Day
10 AM ~ Abbreviated Morning Prayer, Athanasian Creed, Litany for Christmas, Mass (Puer natus est, Hebrews i. 1-12, John i. 1-14) (NO SINGING)

St. Stephen’s Day, Saturday December 26
12 Noon ~ Mass

St. John the Evangelist, Sunday December 27
8 AM ~ Abbreviated Morning Prayer & Mass

10 AM ~ Mass with hymns

Holy Innocents’, Monday December 28
7 PM ~ Mass

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