Rogation, Ascension & Pentecost

May 14th, Bishop’s Visit and Rogation Procession

Rogation Blessing of Crops and Gardens by Appointment

May 15th, Rogation Monday, Mass at 4 PM

May 16th, Rogation Tuesday, Mass at Noon

May 17th, Rogation Wednesday, Mass at 4 PM

Ascension Day, Masses at Noon and 7 PM (Festive Holy Eucharist at 7 PM)

Pentecost Vigil, May 27th at 5 PM

Pentecost, 8 AM (Mass and Matins) and 10 AM (Festive Holy Eucharist)

May 29th, Whitsun Monday mass 4 PM

May 30th, Whitsun Tuesday mass Noon

May 30th, Ember Wednesday, 4 PM mass.