Rogation, Ascension & Pentecost

May 14th, Bishop’s Visit and Rogation Procession

Rogation Blessing of Crops and Gardens by Appointment

May 15th, Rogation Monday, Mass at 4 PM

May 16th, Rogation Tuesday, Mass at Noon

May 17th, Rogation Wednesday, Mass at 4 PM

Ascension Day, Masses at Noon and 7 PM (Festive Holy Eucharist at 7 PM)

Pentecost Vigil, May 27th at 5 PM

Pentecost, 8 AM (Mass and Matins) and 10 AM (Festive Holy Eucharist)

May 29th, Whitsun Monday mass 4 PM

May 30th, Whitsun Tuesday mass Noon

May 30th, Ember Wednesday, 4 PM mass.

Holy Week 2023

April 1st, Vigil of Palm Sunday, 5 pm Vespers and Mass

April 2ndPalm Sunday: 8 am Matins & Mass,

10 am Blessing of Palms, Procession, and Holy Eucharist

April 3rd, Monday before Easter: Mass at 7 PM

April 4th, Tuesday before Easter: Noon Mass,

Stations of the Cross at 7 PM

April 5th, Wednesday before Easter: Noon Mass,

General Healing Service & Tenebrae at 7 PM

April 6thMaundy Thursday: Festive Holy Eucharist, 6 PM, SEDER at Christiansburg Presbyterian Church, Watch Following and continuing until Noon on Good Friday.

April 7thGood Friday: Noon The Good Friday Liturgy. Confessions heard after that Service.

7 PM Evening Prayer, Liturgy of 7 Last Words, and Stations of the Cross

April 8thHoly Saturday: Noon Pre-Sanctified Liturgy, communion from the Reserve Sacrament.

Confessions heard after 1 PM. The Great Vigil of Easter, 5 PM.

April 9thEaster: 8 AM Matins & Mass, 10 AM Festive Holy Eucharist

April 10th, Easter Monday Mass – 7 PM

April 11th, Easter Tuesday Mass – 12 Noon

Lenten Services

Lenten Schedule is as follows

Wednesdays, soft start at 6 pm (go ahead and arrive a bit later as needed) soup or light meal and Family Evening Prayer (in parish house) followed by meditation on the poem for that week by John Keble from The Christian Year.

Thursdays, 12 Noon mass. 

Fridays, 4 pm evening prayer, 4:30 pm mass, 5 pm Stations of the Cross.  


Epiphany Masses, Friday, Jan. 6

  • 12 Noon
  • 6 pm (high mass with blessing of holy water)

Please inform the parish office if you would like an Epiphany House Blessing during Epiphanytide and until Ash Wednesday.

Christmas Services

December 24th: Family Service – 6 PM. Midnight Mass – 11 PM (Carols at 10:30 PM).

December 25th: Morning Prayer and Mass – 10 AM – No 8 o’clock mass.

Monday, December 26th: St. Stephen’s Day – 4 PM masses.

Tuesday, December 27th: St. John the Evangelist – 4 PM Mass.

Wednesday, December 28th: Holy Innocents – 4 PM Mass.

Events in September

New Sunday School Class begins September 11th – The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.

Instead of the text being read cover to cover, the lessons are arranged to correspond with the Bible readings from worship each Sunday.

Bilbo Baggins Birthday Party – September 18th, 4 PM

A Time of Fun with the theme of Tolkien’s Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. The public is welcome! There will be country dancing by hobbits. A wizard will arrive whenever he intends to. You can learn to write in Elvish. You can sample the Ale – Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Apple Sparkling Soda. Sting will likely make an appearance! Watch out. He’s sharp!

Gregory F. Seeley’s Ordination to the Diaconate – September 21st, 6:30 PM