Ascension & Pentecost Services

Rogation Services & Ascension Day

Rogation Sunday, 8 and 10 am. Rogation blessing of the Rectory garden and new Parish House kitchen following.

(No Sunday School as it is Mothers’ Day) Please sign up to have Father over to bless your garden or fields.

Rogation Monday, 7 pm Mass

Rogation Tuesday, 12 Noon Mass

Rogation Wednesday, 7 pm Mass

Ascension Day, 12 Noon Mass and 7 pm Mass

Pentecost Services

Whitsunday, 8 and 10 am.

Monday in Whitsun Week, 7 pm Mass

Tuesday in Whitsun Week, 12 Noon Mass

Thursday in Whitsun Week, 12 Noon Mass

Lenten and Holy Week Services

Lenten Services

March 10th, Evening Prayer w/ Second Office of Instruction & Stations of the Cross, Guest Preacher – 7 PM

March 17th, Mass for St. Patrick’s Day – 7 PM

March 24th, Family Evening Prayer, Stations of the Cross & Benediction, Guest Preacher – 7 PM

HOLY WEEK Services

March 28th, Palm Sunday: 8 am Matins & Mass, 10 am Blessing of Palms, Procession, and Holy Eucharist

March 29th, Monday before Easter: Mass at 7 PM

March 30th, Tuesday before Easter: Noon Mass, Stations of the Cross at 7 PM

March 31st, Wednesday before Easter: Noon Mass, Tenebrae at 7 PM

April 1st, Maundy Thursday: Festive Holy Eucharist, 6 PM, NO SEDER, Watch Following

April 2nd, Good Friday: Noon Pre-Sanctified Liturgy, etc. Confessions heard after 3 PM.

7 PM Evening Prayer and Stations of the Cross

April 3rd, Holy Saturday: Noon Ante-Communion. Confessions heard after 1 PM. Vigil of Easter, 6 PM.

April 4th, Easter: 8 AM Matins & Mass, 10 AM Festive Holy Eucharist

Month of September 2019

Sunday, September 1–Trinity 11–Holy Eucharist–10:00 a.m.


Thursday, September 5–St. John Vianney (Transferred)–Holy Eucharist–Noon


Sunday, September 8–Trinity 12–Holy Eucharist–10:00 a.m.
Thursday, September 12–Holy Name of Mary–Holy Eucharist–Noon
Sunday, September 15–Trinity 13–Holy Eucharist–10:00 a.m.
Thursday, September 19–Exaltation of the Holy Cross (Transferred)–Holy Eucharist–Noon
Sunday, September 21–St. Matthew (Transferred)–Holy Eucharist–10:00 a.m.
Thursday, September 26–Lancelot Andrewes (Transferred)–Holy Eucharist–Noon
Sunday, September 29–St. Michael and All Angels–Holy Eucharist–Noon
Confessions heard upon appointment.